We are crowd-funding to generate funds to help us grow with our new exciting growth plans. With your help we can achieve our dreams.

Please click on the image for the link direct to our investment video for more details that can be watched on our youtube channel.



So let me tell you about our journey and successes so far....

  • In 2020, we attained our Personal Licence and our Premise Licence  
  • In 2021, we established our brand, website and started product development. 
  • In 2022, we launched our first fabulous 3 gins and 3 rums. 

This year, we have committed to some key Summer and Christmas Food and Drink fairs. 


We are the only Mauritius-inspired artisan spirit brand in the UK so we are unique and an exciting opportunity for investment. 

We have some unique flavours no one else provides, such as our Guava + Papaya Gin and Coconut + White Chocolate Rum. This differentiation allows us to tap into a new market and appeal to consumers who are looking for new & quirky spirits. 

The UK spirits industry valued at £12.5bn in 2023 and it is projected to grow at a CAGR growth rate of 8.67% between 2023-2027. Our NU ERA SPIRITS brand has strong growth potential with our distinctive product offering we can become a major player in the market. 

As the passionate founder of NU ERA SPIRITS. I am a seasoned marketeer with over 20 years product marketing and branding experience, I am confident that I can make our brand a success. 


Your investment will also help us....

  • introduce new tropical flavours to the range
  • develop our first non-alcoholic range
  • and launch our trio gift sets

With your investment....

  • we can increase our marketing and sponsorship efforts,
  • employ some interns
  • and customise our van ready for the food and drink shows.  

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    These are some of the essential ingredients we need to help expand and grow.


    We have a number of investor reward packages below to suit most budgets. Your investment will go along way to helping us achieve our dreams. We are very grateful to anyone who invests with us not matter how big or small.

    Bronze Gin Rum Package - £250

    • Name on our website
    • Branded Keyring
    • Branded Cap
    • Complete range of 6 x 5cl trio of gins and trio of rum miniatures

     Silver Gin or Rum Package - £350

    • Name on our website
    • Branded Keyring
    • Branded Cap
    • 3 x 50cl trio of gin range or 3 x 50cl trio of rum range

    Gold Gin or Rum Package - £500

    • Name on our website
    • Branded Keyring
    • Branded Cap
    • 3 x 70cl trio of gin range or 3 x 70cl trio of rum range

      If you are interested in investing with us, please email us at stating the package you are interested in and we can complete your registration.


      There is so much more to come. We would be honoured to have your support and investment to help increase our business growth.  

      Join us on our journey and let's create a new era of spirits together. 


      Have something else in mind?

      We would love to discuss alternative investment or explore collaboration opportunities. If you would like to discuss, please feel free to email us at