You may be wondering what is the story behind our name NU ERA SPIRITS?

We are inspired by the "Future of Things". Our brand was created to cater for a new generation of drinkers are seeking unique and diverse flavours in artisan spirits. Our customers want lovingly handmade products where taste has not been compromised for quantity.

The all-seeing eye emblem is significant to us as it represents power and repels negative energy....or is the actual truth we are part of the illuminati, hiding in plain sight? Who knows....

Why can't we spell new? Yes, we purposely used NU instead of new because it indicates "a modern version of something"...or did we use it to be cool?

Putting NU and ERA together simply put, the new era of spirits is here. We do spirits differently.

Life is too short for ordinary drinks, and that's why we're all about celebrating your unique taste! Whether you prefer it shaken, stirred, neat, or on the rocks, NU ERA SPIRITS is here to make your drink dreams come true.
Our company tag-line, "Drink It Your Way." is all about freedom of choice. So, raise your glass to individuality and creativity! Let's toast to the NU ERA of spirits, where every sip tells your unique story. Cheers to being YOU!