Welcome to NU ERA SPIRITS.

We are the only Mauritius-inspired artisan gin and rum brand in the UK. We have some very unique tropical flavours that are going to excite those taste buds and keep you coming back for more!

Let us raise your spirits.

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Embracing the Vibrant Beauty of Chamarel

Our NU ERA SPIRITS bottle branding is a tribute to the breathtakingly colourful sands of Chamarel, Mauritius! A place where Mother Nature herself is the artist and her palette includes shades of pink, brown, violet, blue, and green.

Just like the diverse hues of Chamarel's earth, our spirits come alive in a spectrum of tropical flavours and colour, from the rich notes of vanilla reminiscent of the island's tropical orchids, to the spicy warmth reminiscent of the cinnamon groves, NU ERA SPIRITS is a taste of the very essence of this paradise.

Our colourful range line-up is a reflection of the vivid and ever-changing landscape of Chamarel, reminding us that every NU ERA SPIRITS experience is a unique adventure, just like the island itself.