Working in collaboration with our award-winning master distiller, we have created a fine range of handcrafted British spirits using the best natural ingredients by British suppliers. We believe we have created some truly fabulous artisan gins and rums that will excite your taste buds and lift your spirits! 

There is a special story behind each of our products with every bottle and with every sip you take, you will have your own special tale to tell others. 

Words from the Founder of NU ERA SPIRITS...

" Welcome - I’m Rosh, I am thrilled to introduce you to NU ERA SPIRITS. We’re a young and vibrant spirits company that is poised to take the industry by storm. When I started on this journey, I quickly discovered that there wasn't a spirit's brand that spoke to me or my culture. That made me embark on a journey to create a British-made spirits brand that celebrates ethnic diversity. 

It was important to create spirits that celebrated both my Mauritian and British heritage. This is my way of honouring my family's history, our traditions and it's all bottled up here.  

I believe that modern consumers want more from their spirits than just a good taste; they want to feel good about the products they are purchasing.

I want you all to enjoy it, relax, sip it slowly and imagine you're on a journey to tropical paradise with every sip you take."


Roshan, Creator and Founder of NU ERA SPIRITS