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Jack Daniel's Limited Edition Patek-Phillipe Timepiece Gentleman Jack Whiskey (1 Litre)

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Jack Daniel, the founder was held in high regard for his fine taste as The Gentleman Distiller of Lynchburg, Tennessee. This Limited Edition Gentleman Jack is inspired by his one-of-a-kind handcrafted Swiss pocket watch. To commemorate the moment, the distillers hand-selected barrels to craft an 86 proof expression of our Double Mellowed Tennessee Whiskey.

It is kind of surprising that Jack Daniel’s, the oldest registered distillery in the United States, is not only still going strong, but continues to be incredibly famous. Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel seems to have had a good eye for early classics: his 1891 watch was of the same ilk.

Who would have pictured the Lynchburg, Tennessee native as a connoisseur of fine timepieces. But then again, who can ignore the lure of Patek Philippe’s beautiful wares – especially an amazing split-seconds chronograph with minute repeater?

The limited edition 30th anniversary Gentleman Jack whiskey is inspired by the legendary Swiss watch Daniel Daniel. And they gave her more than enough time in Tennessee. 

Compared to the classic Jack No. 7 Gentleman undergoes double filtration, which makes it even finer, sweeter and less woody. Its taste stands out fully with tones of caramel, fruit and vanilla shrouded in smoke. In addition, the Patek Philippe edition is a bit stronger than usual.

The ideal companion for whiskey beginners and Jack’s loyal friends. Forget about time and enjoy it.