We are Finalists in the SME MK & Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2023!

We are Finalists in the SME MK & Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2023!

There was an important time in my life 4 years ago when I worked for a previous company who sponsored the SME MK & Buckinghamshire Business Awards. I was luckily enough to have been invited to go along to the awards evening with the company. I watched on in awe seeing all these fabulous entrepreneurs receiving awards and I thought one day, I want to be here representing my own company.

A year later, I was made redundant not once, but twice during Covid and faced a very challenging time. I have had to face many rejections over the last 18 months as you can imagine, I took challenges head-on thinking creatively to overcome them and most importantly never gave up.

NU ERA SPIRITS was a lock-down project that kept me motivated and gave me a purpose when I was made redundant from a company that I loved. Out of work and desperation to make money. I had to find something to make me happy and gave me purpose again.

Today, I am proud to say my new company NU ERA SPIRITS has been nominated as a finalist for the SME MK & Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2023 for two categories: the Best New Business award and Website of the Year award. Just to be a finalist is an honour in itself.

A little self-pat on the back is in order I think.

Today, is a recognition to all those out of work, those who are thinking of starting a business - be brave, be bold, do it your way, don't give in, put in the hard work because you got this!

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