The Five Flavours of Whisky

The Five Flavours of Whisky

Whisky is renowned for having more than 100 flavour profiles, but these can be distilled into five simple headline categories.

Fragrant and Floral

  • Flavours of fresh cut flowers and grass, green and citrus fruits. These are commonly light and delicate whiskies.

Malty and Dry

  • Nutty flavour tones, flour or cereal grains, sweet oak.

Fruity and Spicy

  • Flavours of ripe fruit, spices (cinnamon and nutmeg). 

Rich and Round

  • Flavours of dried fruit, figs, dates, sultanas. These whiskies have a depth of flavour.

Smoky and Peaty

  • Smkoed flavours, peaty and woody flavour tones.