NU ERA SPIRITS at the Chiltern Rally: A Sun-Kissed Day of Cars and Craft Spirits

NU ERA SPIRITS at the Chiltern Rally: A Sun-Kissed Day of Cars and Craft Spirits

The Chiltern Rally on May 19th was a memorable event and we at NU ERA SPIRITS were thrilled to be part of it. Team Jen and Rosh had an incredible time under the warm sun, showcasing our exceptional range of gins and rums to a lively crowd of car enthusiasts and spirit aficionados.

A Perfect Day for Spirits and Classic Cars

The Chiltern Rally is known for its vibrant atmosphere and stunning collection of classic cars and this year was no exception. The weather was perfect—sunny and warm, creating an ideal setting for both car lovers and those with a taste for fine spirits.

Our stand, became a hotspot for visitors seeking a refreshing break from the heat. The combination of NU ERA SPIRITS' quality offerings and the impressive display of vintage vehicles created a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Showcasing Our Craft: Gins and Rums

Jen and Rosh took great pleasure in introducing our gins and rums to the rally attendees. Each bottle of NU ERA SPIRITS is crafted with precision and passion, and sharing our story and process with new customers was a highlight of the day.

Visitors were particularly taken with our signature Guava + Papaya Gin, which combines traditional juniper notes with a contemporary twist of Guava and Papaya elements. On the rum side, our Spice as Nice Rum proved to be a crowd favourite.

Making New Friends and Customers

The rally was not just about showcasing our products; it was also about making connections. We were delighted to see so many smiling faces, eager to learn about our spirits and share their own experiences. The enthusiasm of the crowd was infectious and it wasn't long before we had a steady stream of new customers, each excited to take home a bottle (or two) of NU ERA SPIRITS.

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the unique flavours and high quality of our gins and rums. It was gratifying to see our spirits bring joy to so many people and to know that they would be enjoying them long after the rally had ended.

A Successful Day All Around

By the end of the day, Team Jen and Rosh were both sun-kissed and content, having enjoyed the perfect blend of business and pleasure. The Chiltern Rally provided an excellent platform for us to connect with a broader audience and to see firsthand the positive reception of our craft spirits.

As we packed up our stand, we reflected on the day's successes, it was clear that the rally had been a fantastic opportunity to introduce NU ERA SPIRITS to an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.

Looking Forward

With the Chiltern Rally behind us, we're excited for the future events and opportunities to share our spirits with even more people. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand, sampled our gins and rums and supported us. Your enthusiasm and feedback are what drive us to continue to keep the spirits alive as long as possible.

Until next time, cheers from NU ERA SPIRITS! Here's to many more sunny days, classic cars and love for of our beloved gins and rums.