How long does Gin last?

How long does Gin last?

Gin has become the drink that has grown in popularity more than any other over the last 2 years. One question we often get asked is how long does Gin last?

Well to answer that question simply, Gin lasts many years and almost indefinitely unopened. But what if you’ve already started to tuck into your favourite Gordon’s Gin or flavoured Gin? How long does it last then?

We take a look at that question and more in this months blog.

How long does Gin last unopened?

If you go searching in your local supermarket for a best before date on your favourite Gin you won’t find one! There is a reason for this, it doesn’t have a best before as the producers do not find a need to print one for the consumer, nor is there any legal requirement to do so. Gin unopened and stored in the correct conditions will stay fresh as the day you purchased it for years to come, almost indefinitely!

How to store your Gin

The best place to store your Gin is in a kitchen cupboard along with all your other spirits and alcohols. The area should be cool and dry and preferably away from sunlight. Always store your Gin upright and refrain from storing flat.

When you break the seal and open the bottle for the first time, you allow the oxygen to enter and this is called oxidation. Oxidation in time will deteriorate the taste of the Gin and cause it to taste slightly different over time. Don’t be too worried though, this is a very slow process, and it’s likely the Gin will be well gone before you notice a change in taste.

How long does Gin last opened?

Ok, so you can’t resist any further and decide to open your bottle of Gin. How long does it last? Don’t worry, you don’t have to start pouring it down your neck in the fear it won’t taste the same the next day. In fact, you can take months to consume your opened bottle. We would recommend consuming your Gin within 1 year of opening under normal storage conditions. As previously mentioned, the oxidation starts once opened, but this can take many months before you start to notice a slight change in the taste.

How to tell if Gin has gone off?

This is a simple answer - you can’t! You will never be able to tell if Gin has gone off because it doesn’t go bad at all. You can never get ill by consuming a Gin that has been left open for a long time. Microorganisms do not welcome an alcohol environment and it is highly unlikely that any will harbour in your Gin! If you leave your Gin for a long time (years) after it’s been opened it is just likely to taste slightly different.


In summary, you can keep a bottle of Gin indefinitely unopened. Once you open your Gin and store it under the right conditions, we would recommend consuming it within a year. Gin does not go bad and you are highly unlikely to get ill by consuming a bottle of Gin that has been opened years. So crack open your favourite Gin, pour over some ice, relax and enjoy!